Baby Roadtrip to Yokosuka Stork’s Nest

It is a weird feeling to pack a suitcase for roughly a month knowing the next time you come back, it will be with your baby!  But pregnancy in Japan has been nothing short of an adventure and this is the final big one!  With no hospital on base in Iwakuni, there are two options: have your baby out in town with a Japanese doctor and translator or travel to Tokyo a few weeks before your due date to live in the Yokosuka Stork’s Nest until you deliver.  From the beginning, I knew that Tokyo was the only reasonable option for me.  As a first time mom, I wanted doctors that spoke english and I wanted American medicine.  So far – no regrets on that decision!having a baby in japanAt 37 weeks, we took the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Tokyo to move into the Stork’s Nest.  The Stork’s Nest is free lodging connected to the hospital on the Navy Base, provided to medevaced families from bases in Japan without hospitals to live until their babies are born.  It is nothing fancy but it does the job.  Yokosuka is a suburb of Tokyo so there are endless opportunities to explore while walking this baby out!  Not to mention, Yokosuka has a Chili’s and a Dunkin Donuts right on base 🙂   I plan to take full advantage of living in the “big city” while I can!yokosuka stork's nest yokosuka stork's nest

view from storks nest yokosuka

Not a bad view from my room in the Stork’s Nest!

  • Jennifer Barnes

    Congrats on the final countdown! We are in Sasebo and will be headed up in October to wait for our baby to arrive. Very excited to follow and see how your experience is. 🙂

    • YAY exciting!! So far it has been a great experience. Tokyo is not a bad place to be “stuck” for a few weeks and everyone at the hospital has been very kind and helpful 🙂 I will definitely keep you updated but let me know as your date gets closer if you have any questions!

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