Fluffy Japanese Pancakes in Hiroshima

One of the best parts about living on mainland is how easily accessible it is to travel throughout Japan.  We woke up Saturday morning and took the train from Iwakuni to Hiroshima.  We walked around Peace Park and paid our respects at the A Dome, the memorial of the 140,000 people killed during the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.  The memorial is very somber, but also a beautiful place of hope.  It is hard to believe how this city has been rebuilt in the last 70 years.hiroshima a dome memorialday trip hiroshimaatomic bomb memorialAfter working up an appetite, we decided that we needed to try those fluffy Japanese pancakes.  Luckily, Cafe & Pancake Gram on Hondori Street is the perfect place for a tall stack!   They only make 20 orders of these pancakes, three times each day.   Since they always sell out, they allow people to begin lining up an hour in advance.  The pancakes lived up to their hype and were the perfect midday treat.fluffy japanese pancakes in hiroshimacafe gram hiroshimajiggly pancakes in hiroshima hondori street hiroshima

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