Third Trimester Bump Update

Just like that, we have reached the final week of pregnancy!  It feels simultaneously like it has flown and also that I have been pregnant forever.  I cannot believe that this time next week, we could be cuddling with our little one!  The third trimester has flown by and been full of adventures.  We went on a fabulous babymoon to Okinawa, finished the nursery, attended an adorable adventure themed baby shower thrown by my sweet friends in Iwakuni, and finally made the big move to Tokyo to live until the baby comes.  The last few days of pregnancy are definitely a test of patience but Rob and I have been doing our best to enjoy this final time together exploring.

Travels: Babymoon in Okinawa, a few local trips to Miyajima Island/Hiroshima and then moved to Tokyo to live for a few weeks until the baby is born.

Movement: Tons and tons of kicks (especially in the ribs!) and baby hiccups almost every morning when I wake up.  He is super active so I will be interested to see if he is just as squirmy outside of the belly!

Nesting: Finished the nursery and in love with how it turned out!  Also made several freezer meals and a big stash of lactation cookies for the freezer before leaving.

Cravings: Let’s just say, the workers at Baskin Robbins know us by name 😉   Those ice cream sandwiches are no joke!

Aches/Pains:  As my belly gets bigger and bigger, it is more difficult to find comfortable sleeping positions.  I am normally a back sleeper but those days are definitely on pause!  My biggest night struggles are my hands falling asleep, leg cramps, and heartburn.   Overall, I cannot complain about this pregnancy though – I am lucky to feel very normal 99% of the time!

Looking forward to: his arrival!

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