When Cross Country Flights are Rescheduled to your Hometown!

Rob has been planning for the last couple of months for his cross country flight to Charleston.  He had his entire class convinced to pick Charleston and was so excited to spend the weekend with his family.  In typical Marine Corps fashion, his instructor called him the week of the flight and said that they would not be going to Charleston but instead Pax River, Maryland.  He was extremely disappointed and I felt terrible that his trip was not going to go as planned but tried to look at the positives.  Pax River is only about 1.5 hours from our hometown!  I did what any person would do two days in advance — I hopped online and booked a last minute ticket home!  Times like these make me truly thankful for the freedom that my job creates in my life.
flight planning for T-45 cross country
I flew into DC on Thursday and hung out with my parents that night.  We had dinner at Vivify and then of course headed to Carl’s for ice cream.  If you are familiar with Fredericksburg at all, you know that going to Carl’s anytime you are nearby is practically a law.
Vivify Review
Carl's Fredericksburg Review
The stars were definitely aligned as my dad was scheduled to teach a class at Pax River on Friday when Rob was scheduled to fly in to the base there.  My mom and I spent the day catching up over brunch at Eileen’s and shopping.  This was my first time ever going to Eileen’s and I am totally kicking myself!  Such a hidden gem!
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Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early to get in line for brunch at Foode.  Foode was mine and Rob’s favorite spot when he was at TBS.  Their chicken and waffles just won best dish in the entire commonwealth (something we have been telling people for years!) so we were nervous it would be packed.  We turned out to be the first people in line so we grabbed coffee from Hyperion while we waited.  As usual, the food did not disappoint.  Three of us got the chicken and waffles (my dad got the power scramble) and they were as good as we remembered.  We also tried three of their fresh juices – beet apple ginger, orange carrot tumeric mango, and kale coconut apple spinach – they were all delicious.
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Hyperion and Foode
Fresh Juices in Fredericksburg
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After getting of fill, we headed home to change for our next adventure: GLAMPING!  Over the winter, my parents bought an RV and I have been so jealous of their adventures.  We decided to do a quick overnight trip while Rob and I were in town and it was a blast!  The weather was perfect and it was nice to just relax and catch up.  Of course no camping trip is complete without jiffy pop and s’mores over the fire!
Glamping in Virginia
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Sunday just so happened to be the launch of Lilly for Target, which my mom and I have been talking about over the phone for months.  We decided to stay up until the 3am estimated online launch to try our luck (on the campground’s wifi!) at getting some of our wish list.  Rob and my dad were not interested so they both went to sleep.  I’m not sure how I got so lucky but I saw on instagram that some of the links were leaked and immediately went into freak out mode trying to order.  Over the course of several hours (and lots of website crashes!), I was able to order most of the things from our wish lists.  However, with a few things left we had to make the decision — head to the stores or get some sleep.  We made the crazy decision to just pull an all-nighter and get in line at the store.  We were the very first people in line at 6 am at our Target.  I was completely struggling but it was completely worth it.  We made friends with the people around us in line and honestly ended up with lots of great items.  My body definitely paid for it for the next couple days though.  I can’t pull all nighters like I used to.
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Sunday afternoon we had to drive to Pax River to drop Rob off for his flights home and I left Virginia on Monday morning.  I am so happy that we had the opportunity to make this impromptu trip home and so grateful to my parents for such a fun weekend.
Cross Country Flights in the T-45
Marine Corps Jet Training T-45

  • This sounds like such a fun trip home! I'm so glad everything ended up working out for you guys! I, for some reason, did not anticipate the craziness that would be Lilly so I ended up with zero items. Oh well! Your glamping + all nighter with Mom that ends at Target sounds like something my mom and I would do πŸ™‚ Love it!

  • It's always awesome when stars align like that! I'm so glad you guys were able to spend time with family. πŸ™‚

  • You guys are always traveling, looks like so much fun!! Your floral skirt outfit is perfect, btw!

  • What a fab weekend home!! Glamping sound awesome!!

  • Glamping sounds right up my alley, haha. I'm not into the whole Lily Pulitzer craze, but kudos to you for being first in line! Definitely sounds like you guys made the best of his flight change!

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