Friday Favorites

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// M A T C H A //

Have you gotten sucked into the Matcha trend yet?  If not, you have to try it!  When I saw Jenn recommend it, I thought it looked like the perfect beach drink so I grabbed one last weekend before heading to Pensacola Beach.  It didn’t disappoint!  Light and refreshing, plus full of health benefits…I cannot believe that this bad boy was only $0.88!!

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// S K I N N Y   S A N G R I A //

Rob had a night flight on Cinco De Mayo but I was still in the mood to celebrate so I whipped up a quick guacamole and a simple skinny sangria for dinner.  The sangria was so simple and yummy, I shared the recipe on Facebook but wanted to share it here too.  Just add 2-3 oz of red wine, 3-4 oz of grapefruit La Croix, a squeeze of fresh lime juice, and some frozen fruit to a glass and enjoy.  If you follow the 21 Day Fix, TWO GLASSES of this sangria count as one yellow!

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// C O C O N U T  { I C E }  C R E A M //

While we were in Pensacola, we had to make a quick stop at Wild Roots for some “ice cream”.  I’m not sure why this is the only place of it’s kind that I can find locally, but non-traditional ice cream shops like these need to start popping up everywhere.  The ice cream shown is dark chocolate and cherry with a coconut cream base and the other one we tried was almond butter and banana on a banana base.  So delicious!

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// M I L I T A R Y   A P P R E C I A T I O N //

Shout out to all of my favorite military wives, girlfriends and significant others!  You girls are my rock!  There is so much unknown and worry that comes with this crazy lifestyle, but honestly I wouldn’t trade it.  I’ve been introduced to amazing people and lived amazing places that I never would have known otherwise.  I’ve learned a lot about myself and become more independent.  I have a community of friends, all over the world, ready to jump in and lend a hand, an ear, or a hug when needed.  And every single day, I get to support my husband in becoming a Marine Corps jet pilot.  Even though I grew up in this lifestyle, I’m not sure I expected it for my life, but I’m lucky that as always God has the best plans in store for me.

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// R E L A X //

We have spent the last three weekends traveling (everywhere from Florida to Virginia) so I cannot wait for a low key, relaxing weekend at home.  As much as I love adventure, I also crave routine.

What are your weekend plans?

  • You guys are everywhere these days, you must be exhausted!! The beach and ice cream pictures have me longing for a much needed vacation!

  • I made some guacamole the other day and I basically ate the whole container haha.

  • I'm dying to try the Matcha! Happy to find you through the linkup!

  • Glad I came across your blog in the link up! I'm going to have to check out this matcha trend!


  • Saw your Matcha pic in the link up and thought I had to check this site out. I just jumped on the Matcha craze too! While I doubt it will replace my white chocolate mocha, it is perfect for when I need something light, refreshing and healthy! Also love your little garden. We just started one and can't wait to actually harvest from it… so soon!! Have a wonderful Sunday!

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