The Superfood Power Bowl

My usual lunch is a sandwich.  Why?  Because it’s quick, easy, and doesn’t require me to do extra dishes.  Those are pretty much my requirements for lunch!  Quick.  Easy.  No dishes.  But this week since we had so many fresh ingredients in the house, I decided to try my hand at meal prepping and see if I could have a lunch that was just as easy but a little more adventurous than my typical sandwich.
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Enter: the power bowl.  The power bowl is just that: a bowl full of foods that will give you energy.  Part starch + part protein + part veggies, these bowls are totally customizable and will leave you full for hours.  I made mine with quinoa, butternut squash, kale, mushrooms, caramelized onions, chicken sausage, and fresh mozzarella cheese.  But the real question is did it pass the lunch criteria test?
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YES!  On Sunday night, I prepped everything for a week’s worth of lunches and put them in labeled containers in the fridge.  Each day, I just measured out a portion of each into a bowl and heated it up.  Quick, easy, and no extra dishes!  The options are really endless with the power bowls so I think this will have to be added to the rotation.
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  • I'm doing the same kind of bowl but with rice. It's really easy to make lunch when all the food is prepped.

  • where do you get the chicken sausage from?

  • I buy the Applegate Farm's brand of chicken sausages. We got them at Whole Foods this weekend but they usually have them at the regular grocery store too!

  • It does make it so much easier! Plus I made everything on Sunday in one pan which means less dishes (my least favorite chore!)

  • This is genius. I love that you can mix and match items for power bowls. The power of cooking ahead for the week!

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