Saturday Getaways in Birmingham!

This was one of those weekends with nothing planned that we knew we had to get out of town.  I love living in Meridian, I really do, but as for things to do in the town itself…there isn’t much if nothing is planned or scheduled.  Luckily, there are so many awesome cities and towns just a short drive away, within bounds, that there is always somewhere to explore.
First Avenue Rocks Indoor Climbing Birmingham
After weighing the practical and fun sides of some different places, our finger landed on Birmingham on the map for this Saturday.  Birmingham is about two and a half hours from Meridian and a super easy drive.  (We went this fall for Rob’s birthday)  We woke up in the morning, got ready quick, and started the drive.  We stopped about halfway in Tuscaloosa to grab iced coffees from Dunkin’ Donuts (as good as I remember!) before finishing the drive.  First stop in Birmingham was First Avenue Rocks.
Meridian Weekend Getaways
First Avenue Rocks is a 5,000 square foot indoor rock climbing facility.  Located in an old warehouse downtown, it was the perfect spot to do something active while the weather is still “not so nice”.  I’ve never done anything like this before but figured I was pretty active and would be able to wing it.  Holy geez, this is a lot of fun but quite a workout!  I don’t know why but I pictured myself being harnessed in but the majority of the gym was free climbing (no ropes/wires).  After getting over my initial jitters, we had a great time climbing and my triceps and shoulders definitely felt it the next morning.
Urban Standard Birmingham AL
We worked up an appetite while climbing so we grabbed lunch at Urban Standard.   Rob and I split the pimento cheese sandwich and the duck BBQ.  The pimento cheese was a little eclectic for my tastes but the pulled barbecue duck with pickled granny smith apples….amazing!  I would definitely like to come back and try their coffee and breakfast.
21 Day Fix Meal Planning
After lunch, we hit the more practical (but still fun for us!) stops: a two story Target (dreams do come true!) and Whole Foods.  We spent a ridiculous amount of time in both and loved every minute of it.  Thank goodness we packed a cooler to bring home tons of goodies.  A fridge full of healthy food made for an easy and inspired week of meal planning!

  • That rock climbing place looks like a blast! And I LOVE Whole Foods! We're supposedly getting one here, and I'm really excited! πŸ™‚

  • holla for the rock climbing! that's something i've never been able to do

  • That is so exciting that you have a Whole Foods coming, Janelle! I love shopping there and even just walking around looking at everything! The closest one to us is about 1.5 hours away…and it's totally worth the drive πŸ˜‰

  • I give rock climbers SO much credit….it was way harder than I expected and my body is still feeling it! Haha

  • I went rock climbing once, i barely got off the floor and i panicked xx

  • Chloee, I think I had the exact same initial feeling! It definitely took me a little while to get over the jitters and just embrace it!

Friday Favorites
Whole Wheat Zucchini Harvest Muffins