Friday Favorites

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A couple of favorites from this week:

1. Bring On The Sunshine!
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I am currently headed to sunny and 75 Tampa, Florida for the weekend and I could not be more excited!  One part business trip, one part girls weekend–it is going to be amazing!  I’m sure it will be a photo overload so feel free to follow along here!

2. Make More, Buy Less
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In an effort to make more food at home this year, I bought this bread maker off of Amazon and cannot wait to use it!  Such a grandma thing to spend Christmas money on but Rob and I were counting down all week for it to arrive! Thank goodness for Amazon Prime and free two day shipping 😉

3. Will you accept this rose?
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So excited to have my Monday nights back!  My family has been avid Bachelor/Bachelorette fans since Season 1 and ever since we started doing a bracket with Sean Lowe’s season, the obsession has just grown.  The first episode means in depth note taking and character analysis.  My sister has won two seasons and Rob has won two seasons.  I’m hoping this is my year to win!  (My final three are Britt, Ashley I, and Kelsey but please don’t tell me any spoilers if you read them!)

4. Organizing Fever
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The start of the new year always brings the promise of “doing things different”.  For me, that means a year of being clean and organized.  It may not last all year but I’m going to take advantage of the mood when it strikes.  Project #1 — organizing the pantry.  Our fridge stays pretty organized because we buy/eat so much produce but the pantry is a different story.  So much junk, so much chaos!  Not as emptied out as I would like, but 100% better than before!

5. Create your own shine!
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Linking up with Five on Friday
  • Have fun in Tampa! I used to live near there for many years. It should be just gorgeous down there this weekend.

  • Jen

    I am obsessed with my bread machine! It really is one of my favorite kitchen appliances.

  • Have fun in Tampa… Hope the weather is nice for you. I live in FL and it is 32 today :*(
    Chelsea @

  • Have fun in Tampa!
    LOVE the idea of The Bachelor bracket, I'm so obsessed with that show.

  • I feel as though our pantry is one spot that will never be the way I want it to be.

    Have fun with that loaf maker, that's the kind of thing I'd spend my Xmas money on as well.

  • Pretty jealous of the 75 and sunny! Eating at home is hard especially if you don't enjoy cooking like me. You'll have to keep us updated on the bread maker. I've never heard of the brackets until this year but I don't know if I'd be able to not read the spoilers! Kinda weird but I can't stand not knowing when it's out there!

  • hahahahahaha i love the bachelor bracket! genius idea!

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