Friday Favorites: A Haunted Home + A Murder Mystery

1. Christmas Trees at Merrehope
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Always eager to check out things going on, we headed to downtown Meridian to see the “Trees of Christmas” at Merrehope.  Merrehope is an old, historic antebellum home that was actually the only home in Meridian to survive Sherman during the civil war. (Clearly it is rumored to be haunted!) Each year, organizations in the community decorate trees and set them up inside of one of the 26 rooms in this historic mansion.  Of course I couldn’t help but tear up looking at the “Welcome Home” tree full of homecoming pictures from NAS Meridian families.

2. Serial
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Last week on our drive to/from Pensacola, we got hooked on Serial.  It is one of those things that both Rob and I equally enjoy and are frankly kind of obsessed with.  I am so anxious for our flight on Saturday to finish the remaining three podcasts.  Even though I highly suspect we won’t find out the truth, I am really hoping that we do.  I hate not knowing!!

3. Southwest Lettuce Wraps
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I made these Southwest Lettuce Wraps last week because, if I’m being honest, I had a ton of left over frozen turkey from thanksgiving and didn’t want to buy a lot of groceries right before we left.  They turned out delicious though and I think they might make a regular appearance in our kitchen!  They couldn’t be more simple: turkey, cumin, chili powder + pantry staples (canned corn, black beans, whatever you have on hand) + fridge leftovers (red bell pepper, onion, spinach, etc) + cilantro mixed into ranch (I am currently LOVING this greek yogurt ranch from Winn Dixie of all places!)  Heat it all up and add it to lettuce wraps.  Yum!

4. Chocolate for Breakfast
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Speaking of yum, isn’t indulging in chocolate for breakfast the best?!  Especially when that chocolate includes 70+ vitamins and nutrients πŸ˜‰  I’ve been drinking Chocolate Peppermint Patty Shakeology all week and totally feeling in the Christmas spirit!

5. Home for Christmas
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Speaking of Christmas spirit we officially leave for Virginia for Christmas on Saturday!  Thank goodness that military gets free bags because traveling light during the holidays is practically impossible.  We have an entire suitcase just filled with gifts! (I wish this picture could really show how packed this bag is!)  I don’t think this tiny Meridian airport is going to know what hit them when we show up πŸ˜‰

  • Hope you have a safe slight back to VA!

  • Hope you two have a safe flight home! Enjoy it…

  • I still need to catch up on serial – i've heard from so many people how amazing it is!! Hope you have a great weekend!! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

  • I love that Christmas tree displaying all of the cards, what a neat idea!

    We have to transport all of out gifts from Boston to Ohio and I have NO IDEA how it is going to happen. Looks at though you guys have got it figured out!

  • That shake looks so delish!! Hope you have safe travels!!
    Chelsea @

  • I have been seeing Serial popping up everywhere! I'm thinking that Christmas travel time in the car might be the perfect time to start listening… Merry Christmas! Enjoy your holidays at home!

  • Very cool idea with the christmas cards and trees!
    Merry Christmas πŸ™‚


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