Marine Corps Ball 2014

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This Saturday we celebrated the 239th Marine Corps birthday at the Marine Corps Ball.  The ball was held at Weidmann’s downtown, in a private room upstairs.  The last two balls that we attended (in Pensacola and Richmond) were both HUGE but this ball was small and more intimate.  There were only around 60 people total at the ball!  Sometimes I think these small balls are more fun because you can actually spend time with everyone in attendance!  We had a good group of friends there and had a ton of fun at our table.
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We ate lobster and shrimp spring rolls, prime rib, and (the world famous!) Weidmann’s black bottom pie.  We laughed until we cried as we convinced Cara that her husband ate her pie, and danced to throwback prom style tunes on the makeshift dance floor.  I am so glad that we decided to live on base as we have made some wonderful friends living in this little community. 
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  • Your dress was gorgeous! 60 people at the ball seems really neat. We had our ball this weekend in DC with about 1300!

  • You looked stunning!! I totally agree with you about smaller balls, they are my favorite too!

  • Looks like so much fun. Your dress is gorgeous by the way!

  • It's great that y'all have made so many friends already! The first ball I went to, I knew only Mac of the around 2000 attendees. We got into a fight, and it was horrible.

  • GORG!! that color dress is amazing!

  • You look so pretty!

  • I LOVE THIS! Your dress was gorgeous girl!

    I just returned from a trip to San Diego to see my guy. The point of the trip was not only to see him but for the USMC Ball. I bought a dress, had it altered….twice, booked flights/hotels/etc. The day before I was scheduled to fly in, my guy got word they were sending him to Texas for the weekend. Long story short, I flew into California on my own, the same day he flew into Texas. We didn't get to go to the ball. Thankfully he came back on Sunday and aside from working, I had my guy back in bed beside me every night for the week (which is what its all about-time with him). It was a long week, very chaotic, and per usual military life not at all as planned, but nonetheless fantastic. There's always next year for the ball. Here's to hoping that pretty red dress in my closet still fits by fall of next year! LOL

    So glad you two had a great time! Looks like it was a blast!

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