Stress-free Military Move: DIY Moving PCS Binder

PCS Military Moving Binder
Military moves are never easy but are an inevitable part of this lifestyle.  (See: DITY Move in 1 Week)  My friend Joy gave me advice before she moved to Texas about creating a moving binder to keep things organized and easily accessible during a move.  I thought it was a great idea and wanted to adapt the idea to work for us.  I took some time to get together a moving binder so that when the time comes, whether it’s weeks or months from now, I will be prepared.  While a bit time consuming at first, the majority of the work is done for all of our future moves.  All I will have to do is update new/changes in the binder.  I love to-do lists so these lists are perfect for keeping me sane during moves!

PCS Military Moving Binder
To make my moving binder, I used a 1/2 inch binder and put everything below inside plastic sleeves.  (That way I can use wet erase markers to cross items off the list and then just wipe it down after the move)  My moving binder contains:
– To-do Lists for “Before Order Arrive”, “Orders Arrive”, “1 Week Before Move”, “1 Day Before Move”, “Day of Move” and “Arrival”.
– Copies of all important documents:
-Birth Certificates
-Social Security Cards
-Military Ids and Drivers License
-Marriage Certificate
-Power of Attorney
-Car Titles
-Car Insurance
-Military Moving Forms
-Serial numbers for all big items (electronics, furniture, etc.)
-Photos of all big items (electronics, furniture, etc.)
-List of abbreviations the movers use
-Addresses and phone numbers for hotels/stops along the way
-Moving box color code sheet
-An empty sleeve for weight tickets, receipts, etc
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Working on the moving binder helped me realize that while I may not know where or when we will be moving, there are plenty of things I can work on ahead of time to get prepared.  The lists are pretty customized to our life/belongings (ie. no pets, our amount of stuff, etc) but might be a great jumping off point for you to get started.  If you are interested in getting free copies delivered right to your inbox to make your own binder, fill out the link below:

PCS Binder Printable
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