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I love the fact that gallery walls are so popular.  This is one of my favorite trends and I never get sick of seeing them.  Why?  Because they are so specific to each person.  From the pictures to the knick-knacks, the layout to the style, every gallery wall is unique and representative of the family living in that home.  I love to see how people show their lives in their design and am always surprised at how creative people can be.
Gallery Wall :: Reddy Or Knot
I love when gallery walls match the personality of the owner and contain little snapshots of their lives.  I am definitely not an interior designer nor do I have my perfect Pinterest decor but it is our home and I want it filled with things we love.  Decorating a large space with a gallery wall is also great because it is fluid and can grow and change over time.  I am constantly thinking of what I want to add next and where I will put it.
Gallery Wall -

Pensacola Gallery Wall
A little peek into our home
  • Aww.. I love it! So creative! If not for blogs, I would have no idea what a Gallery Wall was. I stopped "playing" on Pinterest because I was frustrated that I couldn't decorate our space more. We can't get a larger place until our lease is up and we are already decorated to the max. I will just live vicariously through everyone else and their cute designs!

  • You're gallery wall is so cute! Currently mine only has prints, but I love the chalkboard idea!

  • I LOVE the wall! I can't even decide which one is my favorite pieces to it! I am so bad at creating gallery walls, I have tried many times…I think it's an art in itself.

  • Your gallery wall looks great! I love the paint colour on your wall too!

  • Yours turned out so cute! Love the splash of color with the beach paintings!


  • Love the "Hey, Y'all" print. Super cute.

  • Oh my goodness, I love this set of prints etc. so much! You have a good eye. I can't wait for the day we move into a place we own (rather than rent) so I can bang holes in the walls!

  • I love how unique this is to you. You're much more creative than I am!

  • love this! i have been stalking gallery walls online because we move into a new condo in a few weeks and i can't wait to decorate!

  • This is perfect, Sam! So cute!

  • This looks awesome! I have the same moose head inside a frame on my wall, too!

  • hey girl hey! found you via lauren's linkup! i wish i would bite the bullet and do a stinking gallery wall. i love them. love them a lot…but when i brainstorm what i would do i seize up. scared. it's an odd reaction. anyway…glad i found your blog!


  • I LOVE this! I just finished one and wish I put a few more objects in mine (it's all frames) but perhaps I'll make that phase 2 😉

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