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I don’t run.  Actually I don’t even really like to run.  I’m bad at it, I convince myself I need to walk 100 feet after starting, and I get so frustrated with myself that sometimes I even feel like I’m going to cry.  But finally I found something that motivates me, even gets me excited about running — beer!
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Pensacola is such an active town.  From paddleboarders to bicyclist, locals are always out and about.  I think it might have something to do with the weather being nice all year (although the humidity here is a killer!)  One of the coolest things we have found in Pensacola are the “run clubs”.  Every night of the week, a different bar sponsors a run club.  {We go to Seville’s on Mondays, McGuires on Tuesdays, and World of Beer on Wednesdays}  Everyone meets at the bar at 6pm and run the 5k route.  After the run, the bar has drink specials for all runners so everyone sticks around and has a beer on the patio.  All different types of people come out for run club — from moms with jogging strollers to marathoners, and almost everyone stays after for drinks.
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In high school, I always played sports.  I never thought about practices after school being a “three hour workout” but if you tried to convince me now to work out for three hours, I would laugh at you.  I think the reasoning is similar to the reason I love run club: things are just better in groups.  It’s just plain more fun to go out for a run with a group of other people and have an opportunity to socialize afterwards than it is to just go for a run by yourself.  After you complete 10 runs at a specific bar, you get their run club tshirt.  I am counting down and cannot wait to get my first shirt!
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  • I love this! Ya'll run in my neck of the woods.. we live right by St. Michael's Cemetery. I'm always wanting to get out in the evenings and walk around Downtown but with my fiance's long days and my new work schedule, it seems like we don't get much of a chance. All the running clubs that offer beer are quite lovely though! And there won't be humidity for too much longer– hang in there!

  • I played sports too so I never thought about when I ate more than I needed to exercise. But now I do need the motivation to exercise!

  • Girl you and me both…and beer would totally motivate me too! Our poor husbands…they partially run for a living and my only sensible motivation to run is that someone will give me beer?! Sad, sad, sad. Oh well, they said for better or worse…SUCKERS!

  • I'm not a runner either–in fact, I don't think I have an athletic bone in my body. But I could probably be a runner if I knew beer was waiting for me at the end…

  • What a cool idea! I love it!

  • Girl, I am so not a runner, but I will run for beer!

    You've got a brand new follower from the Friends Around the World Hop! πŸ™‚

    -Lauren @ Going Green: Our Army Adventure

  • Wait what!? Now this is something I can get behind. I'll do almost anything for a free t shirt. Throw some drink specials at me and I'm a sure thing.

  • Love this concept! I love to run but love group runs even better…and love BEER even more than that! Post a pic of the tshirt when you get it!!

  • I totally forgot that you were in Pensacola!! I hope we can meet up next time I go home! We will actually be moving about two hours away in the next six months πŸ˜‰

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