Tim’s Rivershore

Even though our main priority for the weekend was to get everything packed, we knew we still wanted to be able to spend some time with our friends for our last weekend in Virginia.  I cannot believe that TBS is practically over and we are all about to head our separate ways.  Even more, I can’t stop thinking about how just six short months ago I was stressing myself out, wondering if I would meet people I could relate to and make friends that I would want to spend time with.  I had no idea that I would have so many fun memories and make such wonderful friends that are so hard to leave.
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This weekend a big group of our friends went to Tim’s Rivershore, which is restaurant/party bar on the river.  We sat right on the water, ate seafood and drank a few too many “blue drinks”.  As the sun went down, they lit the bonfire and had a live band.  I’m pretty sure if the guys had been a summer company instead of “Arctic Alpha” we would have spent every single weekend here!
Bonfire + Sand + Umbrella drinks + 90s cover band + Friends = PERFECT.
We closed the place down and I couldn’t have imagined a better last weekend.  Thank goodness some of our friends will be moving to FL with us, and some we will just have to stick to snapchats and wait two or three years until our paths cross. 
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Speaking of bonfires, Rob and I also had our first s’mores of the summer this weekend at my parent’s cookout.  I guess this means I can officially consider it Summer 2013!
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  • I love s'mores – that's my weakness. Celebrating with friends before a move can make some amazing memories!!

  • I could eat smore everything. Currently enjoying a package of smore Goldfish.

  • Now I want smores…Thanks!! haha

  • Sounds like you had fun!! I wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Ivrester Award!! It's a new award Sarah at Venus Trapped in Mars made up. Goes to the best drinkers in blogland!! You have turned me on to some awesome bars in VA so I thought you deserved it. Congrats!! Head on over to my page for some more info.

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