Saturn Snow Day

Happy Snow Day to all of you enjoying this wonderful weather from “Saturn”!!!
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Since the schools, the base, and all government was closed yesterday, we had people over and spent the entire day celebrating.  Our casual get-together quickly escalated from drinking spiked hot chocolates and chatting to a several rounds of “up the river, down the river” and an 80’s power hour/dance party.  I thought it was the perfect day and am so happy we have made such great friends since Rob has been at TBS.  They are truly a blessing!
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The guys had to go back to work today but my school is still closed, so here’s to another snow day…this time filled with reading, lounging, and catching up on my favorite reality TV shows 😉

  • Oh my gosh that sounds like the best kind of snow day! It's so crazy to me that everyone is still getting snow…it's supposed to be 70 here in Dallas today. Enjoy!!!

  • I had a snow day yesterday too, but yours definitely looks like it was a tad more fun!! Stay warm!

  • That looks like an awesome time. I wish my snow days looked like that.

  • New follower! I'm also a sorority girl from Tech. Go Hokies!

  • That sounds like such a fun snow day!

    -Haley {@} A Long Distance Love

  • Oh, this is so fun! I miss snow! Well, mostly just cozy, lazy snow days. What a blessing to have so many wonderful TBS friends! It's so cool because soon you will have friends all over the country and even the world!

  • Doing snow day right, that's for sure!

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