Generations Cookbook

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The most special gift I received for my wedding was a handwritten cookbook from my mom.  She had been working on it for almost a year and I had no idea!  This cookbook contained all of my favorite recipes that my mom makes along with tips, stories, and sweet memories related to those recipes.  The second I opened it I started crying.  I couldn’t believe that she had been thoughtful enough to take all of those precious memories that were made around the dinner table and pass along that tradition as I started my own family.  What a treasure this book will be when years from now I can add recipes and pass it on to my own daughter.  I love opening the book and finding a recipe to make for my husband that I remember my mom making for us year after year with so much love.  I love reading her stories about the first time she made a recipe that became a staple and thinking about her just starting out in a new marriage and how she has grown since then.  I love realizing how food and family and tradition and love all intertwine and how such special memories can be made on a random Tuesday night eating a casserole.
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This is me a minute before opening the gift (You can see the cookbook in the front of the basket!) and after I start ugly crying haha Terrible picture but you can see how much this meant to me.

Do you have any memories attached to favorite recipes?

  • Such a sweet idea! I am going to do something similar for my sister's bridal shower.

  • That is so great. You're mom is the best!

  • I also have a terrible ugly cry as well! I have a gift like that from my mom as well, except she put in old family photos as well. Tears were everywhere!

    I love your Lilly dress — I have a cardigan in the same pattern! 🙂

  • That is SUCH a sweet present and one I'm sure you'll always treasure!

    elle [wonderfelle world]

  • This is so great!
    Stopping by from the walkabout and am your newest follower. I would love for you to check out my blog and follow along.


  • Awww your not ugly ever! However that does remind me of Bridesmaids when Kristen Wigg starts smiling when the hot "Helen" starts crying and she says she is ugly when she cries and Helen says I'm not ugly hahah anyways bad sinopsis but it doesn hahah. So happy for you young lady!!

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